How much does an eCommerce website cost for a new startup?

The cost for starting an eCommerce website can be completely different from side to side or depending upon the business you wish to start. The rates may also depend upon the company that takes up your e-commerce website design and development.

The task of building an e-commerce website for a completely new start-up could be divided into different levels of a process.

It would be difficult to give you an exact estimation of the some that you might have to spend on a new e-commerce website. We would like to give you the appropriate rates for each.

Very low price for development services –

 You come to Type Any Name company and request a quote. You analyze the prices and they are lower than average on the local market. At first glance, it seems nice as you get an opportunity to save money. But a deeper analysis and practice proves that nothing good happens if you sign a contract with sugar-coated, tiny prices. There are three typical reasons for a low price:

Low level of development team’s expertise;

Lack of experience: a development team isn’t able to estimate your project correctly and offers unexpectedly low prices to catch your attention; and

Time estimation issues: your simple e-commerce website will be launched right after your grandchildren graduate from university.

Very high prices for development services –

You get a price list with unreasonable sums that look more like phone numbers. This is not a good sign either, and you may try to build cooperation with a team that:

Wants to make an extra profit and sets higher prices than a certain service may reasonably cost; or

Brings in the best engineers that could be working at Google, Amazon, or IBM to deliver a brilliant website in a blink of an eye.

When analyzing the cost to build an e-commerce website, make sure you are aware of the situation in the local market.

We have analyzed some of the top JS developers’ profiles on Upwork. Their hourly prices vary between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 5000 per hour. Surprisingly, we even found a profile of a JS specialist with proficiency in e-commerce with the desired payment of Rs. 18,000 per hour. At the same time, some developers charge Rs. 1500 per hour or less.

Different stages of developing an eCommerce website would be

  • Preparation
  • Active development
  • Marketing and PR
  • Customer support

Stage 1: the very beginning, or things that become a part of the cost to create an e-commerce website before the engineering process begins;

Stage 2: active development where software design, development, and testing processes take place;

Stage 3: e-commerce website marketing and advertising activities; and

Stage 4: product maintenance

Tools you pick for design and development have their prices, too. For example, simple SaaS solutions for high-quality web store development may cost Rs. 2500 – Rs. 4000 or even present free functionality. At the same time, the open-source Magento Enterprise package with great configuration and customization features costs around Rs. 3,75,500.00

The more complex and unusual the design you want, and the more animation and visual effects you would like to add, the more your e-commerce website design cost will be.

Website design cost: 1.5 lacs to 3 lacs

The process begins when the app’s design is ready. Here, the technologies used and the interface complexity impact the price, too. For example, you can compare JavaScript frameworks like Vue vs. React vs. Angular.

Cost: 2.25 lacs to 7.75 lacs or more

The crucial thing is that the quality of your app’s server-side impacts the quality of your app. The back end defines how the entire system works, so you shouldn’t try to cut costs on this component of the process.

Cost: 3.75 lacs to 15.5 lacs or more

To make sure you create an impeccable solution, you need to thoroughly test it and invest in quality assurance and quality control. These processes are essential and you need to consider them when calculating how much it costs to create an e-commerce website.

Cost: 2.25 lacs to 7.75 lacs or more

Website promotion and optimization is a way to keep your head above the water in the search engine ocean. These sorts of services allow you to increase and strengthen your position on a search results page. As a result, you reach out to the customers while your competitors remain unnoticed.

Price: Rs.22,000 to Rs. 1.15 lacs per month.

Even when your website is up and running, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest in it anymore. Constant improvement, updates, and bug fixing are tasks you need to handle through the entire lifecycle of the website. Support cost depends primarily on how much time a software engineer dedicates to your product.

Cost: Rs. 45,000 to Rs. Rs. 90,000  annually.

Here is the table describing approximately how much it costs to run an e-commerce website.

Small website – 8 lacs  – 15 lacs Approximately

High-load scalable e-commerce solution

Approximately  33 lacs to 38 lacs or more.

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